super tender

Minna Pöllänen


super tender explores the relationship between art objects and the body through touch. Visitors are encouraged to hold and be held by the objects in the gallery. The request to not touch the artwork is reconfigured to an invite 'please do touch'. The wooden forms have been made from a single block of wood, chiselled and sanded with hand tools. The untreated surface of the wood carries residues from each touch - oil and sweat from the skin are slowly imprinted onto the object. Touch between visitors is transferred through the wood from one person to the next. The exhibition space is laid out to encourage rest and intimacy with the objects. The accompanying selfies in the installation act as sensuous guides to the work.

Minna Pöllänen is a Finnish artist living and working in London. Her installation-based practice weaves together various media including sculpture, textile and photography. Pöllänen is interested in tactility and tenderness of and towards art objects. She is a lecturer in Photography at UCA Farnham and is doing a practice-based PhD in Fine Art at Royal College of Art.

Pöllänen is teaching graduating students at Art School MAA. @minna_pollanen