Mikko Kuorinki
& Elina Vainio


If written in italics
Do we get closer to speech
Changes in emphasis
Taking in but also giving back
End quote
On my way biking home I ask Siri to take the following notes:
All forms give in
Turn inwards
A container ready to hold the void
I think about dropping my set of keys into a glass of water
Clumps of rise collected on a shovel
The magic of burning
Come bang the barrel someone shouts when I pass them in the dark
I have come to understand that I cannot take things lightly
Then again
Burdened pressure points
Keyboard’s worn out a
Some of the screen captured:
I don’t want to say how things lie. I want to show you how the matter stands.
The latin root of the word amateur is, after all, the word lover
Vacuum cleaner of the temple sounded ceremonial and absolute
Then here, now
I use brackets with a space between them to reference the brain
Would you agree?
No seam in chaos
We are so honoured to live with chance

The text, co-written by Kuorinki and Vainio, contains excerpts from the following sources: Moyra Davey, Hemlock Forest; Brooke Jarvis, The Insect Apocalypse Is Here; Lisa Robertson, Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, together with miscellaneous notes of forgotten origins.

The works in the exhibition have resulted from discussions and shared materials from the past few months.

Mikko Kuorinki was born in Rovaniemi in 1977. He started his artistic practice when he was 15-years old by releasing zines and music. Nowadays he lives in Helsinki and works mainly in the context of visual art by making installations, publications and happenings out of objects and texts. Materials of the works can be objects, rooms, texts, bits of songs, found and manufactured. Certain idea of documentarism is in the center of Kuorinki’s practise: he grabs on to what is at hand because then it is this seemingly meaningless and mundane material unfolds to him as a mystery. Beside his own practice he is part of Hello dust, Happy Magic Society and Ruler collectives.

Elina Vainio (b. 1981) is an artist living and working in Helsinki. In her recent practice, Vainio has paid attention especially to the demarcation between culture and nature, underlining the misleading notions of human isolation or externality of nature. With installations or other spatial formations built of few elements, Vainio seeks to point toward the instabilities of life, to recall how everything is in a constant state of change, how much there is that we do not understand or what limits there are to expressing it in language.