Anikó Kuikka


Shingle is a thin flat piece of material, which are attached in rows to the roof or an outer wall.

‘Shingle’ is a three-channel moving image installation that portrays the reality of people living very different lives. Jewel films herself making a makeup tutorial in a hotel room. Ruby watches the video on her mobile phone. A life coach drives passed Ruby’s tent. The characters are connected by an aspiration to a better life, but in this system one’s good fortune comes at the cost of another’s misfortune.

The shingle roof top of the idyllic gingerbread house may be boring. Creating the ideal self-image by decorating the exterior, it’s building a guard – just like the walls of a house, it brings security. Home is shelter. Homelessness is collecting cardboard to put in-between the asphalt and the body.

Anikó Kuikka (b.1986 Espoo, Finland) is a visual artist making narrative moving image installations. Anikó is a graduate from the Royal Academy Schools and the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She is the current recipient of the Academy of Fine Arts Foundation studio scholarship  at HIAP - Helsinki International Artist Program in Suomenlinna sea fortress. Anikó’s works have recently been shown at GAO Gallery London, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Glasgow International, Forum Box Mediabox Helsinki, Bury Art Museum, Royal Academy of Arts London.

Anikó studied at Art School MAA in 2005–2009.

The production of this piece was supported by:
Arts Promotion Centre, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Program
Starring: Zoe Chen, Shai Culver, Jose Fernando