say: show

Kernast collective


Say: show is a collaborative exhibition by Taidekoulu Maa students Alva Strang, Lo Leskelä and Teemu Ruissalo who form a three-person collective working under the name Kernast. The exhibition organised by Kernast will start Maa-Tila’s programme for 2023.

Say: show is three exhibitions forming out of a series of eight performance pieces. We are working around the theme of materials present in the practice of performance art as well as the traces they leave in a space.

Documentation has traditionally been seen as a kind of lifeline for the practice of performance art. It enables the sharing and reliving of a practice based in a passing moment.

In this context it is often linked to photo- and videography, as well as textual accounts of the piece. However, in our project, we are eager to continue the canon within documentation which also turns its focus to the material traces left in the space post-facto. Letting these traces work as a kind of spatialized documentation of the pieces, we wish to explore the roles that materials outside the human body play, in our respective performance-based practices. How do they stand on their own, in the new light of an exhibition setting?


Egle Oddo
Stella Massa
Lea + Heta
Teemu Ruissalo
Arina Baranova
Ville Laurinkoski
Alva Strang
Lo Leskelä