Koyne Program


The Koyne program presents the exhibition Observatorium as a result of the work of the participating artists at the South - North Circuit. The circuit is constituted as a tour of latitudes with the intention of integrating the experience of six participating artists in a circuit of five art residencies throughout the geographic south and north.

    Along the way there are encounters, disencounters and re-encounters between the participants who undertake a work that questions and reconsiders the unpredictable relationships generated when interacting with different spaces, customs and materials. From our point of view as participants, the works show how this process transforms the relationships that are evolved in the exchanges of exploration.

    The exhibited works and the artists' process allow us to reflect on exchanges that are formed at different scales. With this we are talking about the explored environments, the cultural traditions established in different geographical areas, their process of adaptation to that environment and the ecosystem itself as a multiple agent that inter- and transrelates.

    From this point of view, the route proposed by the circuit of residences invites us to relocate our place of observation; accepting the default view of our cultural matrix is not the only possible option. The cognitive security that stable structures give us about our conception of the world can become a dangerous illusion when it comes to rethinking processes or actions that generate a negative effect on ecosystems.

    These processes, a product of our conception of the world, can include effects both on a global and on an individual scale; they influence how we think of ourselves and how we relate to all other beings. Asking ourselves about this relationship with the organic, political, economic and social world and taking into account the materials we use and the substances we consume, it becomes the background that questions our idea of cognitive freedom to redetermine what kind of relationships act positively on us.


Koyne program implements South-North Circuit (SNC) to connect five art residencies from
Finland and Greenland in the north to Peru in the south. Exploring different geographical surroundings and environmentally sustainable materials, it reflects the concept of nature
through the theme of Adaptation. By creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge, the circuit supports local artistic research, cultural exchange and mutual learning across borders: art can link the stories of people, communities and cultures in different parts of the world. The participation of artists from different backgrounds and the exchanging of techniques and materials connect with the ideas of a technodiversity and multinaturalism.

    The history of the circuit promotes the initiative to develop a personal dialogue between each participating artist, the internal exploration of the interrelationships generated by the environment and an exchange dialogue with the other artists and the general context.

    In the exhibition, understood as a space for observation, we can see how a personal process of adaptation of each artist to a new environment emerges, as well as an exchange dialogue between the artists and the participating art residencies.

The artists invited to participate in the 2022-23 residency circuit are:

Paola Torres Nuñez de Prado (PE)
Kira Leskinen (FI)
Sadet Hirsimäki (FI)
Sofia Magdits (DE/PE)
Dunja Krcek (AT)
and Antonio Paucar (PE)

The SNC project has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE) and The Nordic Culture Fund (NKF). The visit of the Peruvian performance artist Antonio Paucar to Finland ha been supported by the Ibero-American Institute of Finland through the TelepART program