My home and roses

Azar Saiyar


Lev Vygotski states in the book Thinking and Speech (1934), which is based on his and his group’s research: Taking a pencil in their hand for the first time, the child begins to draw and only later names the product of their drawing. Gradually, in accordance with the level of the development of their activity, naming the drawing moves first toward the mid-point and eventually to the beginning of the action. At this point, it begins to define the whole action and the purpose that it realizes.

I have read texts written by adults about upbringing, childhood and learning. I have watched pictures and old television programs. I have interviewed adults about their memories of childhood and families. I have dug out my own archives: pictures, texts, memories – as a child, and as an adult. I have tried to remember.

These ingredients do not build just a single coherent story, one pure argument, a continuously developing story of growth, nor a piece that is solely mine.

The works of My home and roses exhibition at the MAA-tila project space were born from my interest towards learning, growing, words, stories and shared memory.

The works have been made in collaboration with Kaino Wennerstrand, Joonas Kiviharju, Mariliis Rebane, Aran Saiyar and Dunja Saiyar.

The practice that led to this exhibition and the realisation of the art works were funded by Kone Foundation and Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse.

Azar Saiyar (she/her b.1979) is a Helsinki based media artist and filmmaker. This is the first time her works are exhibited at the MAA-tila project space.