Mean Time Between Faiures: ORGANS

Dash Che
Suvi Tuominen


Dash Che and Suvi Tuominen form a performative entity called Mean Time Between Failures. Mainly they work in the field of performance and dance but recently they have extended their practice toward installation and media-based art. In this particular tryout at MAA-Tila MTBF’s work is inspired by the concept of organ as a system that functions, controls, informs, and fails. Suvi and Dash approach the concept through bodily, political and performative practices. Dash continues with a deep inquiry into patriotic organs that they began in 2022. Suvi hones in on her ongoing exploration of layering tangible and intangible materialities into a mutual aesthetic play. The exhibition is a pop up that opens with a performance installation at 6pm on Saturday 25th of March at MAA-Tila and closes in the evening of the 27th of March. Bring your own refreshments.