Saara Taipale, Ida Tomminen & Emppu Veinola


“We’re trying to locate the secret, what it could mean and what or whom it serves.
Picking it apart using a dialog of textures, words, illustrative graphs and visual impressions. Working as a group feels important: secret is private. To be able to share thoughts on secrets we need to create a shared mind. We will use MAA-tila to produce space for this shared consciousness.”

Saara Taipale (b. 1993, Petäjävesi, Helsinki based artist)

A lot of my work is influenced by botany, other natural sciences and the active thought of everything being materia.

I work ideas through drawing, I collect a set of rules, follow and study the build up of a simplified phenomenon forming on the paper. What I learned from the drawing process,

I usually bring forth in the form of text, video or installation.

Finding rules and phenomena that span both material and our social world is an attempt to reconcile my place as a human within "wild" nature.

I try to learn ways to empathize with my ingredients.

Ida Tomminen (b. 1999, Sipoo, lives and works in Helsinki)

In my work I borrow from the aesthetics of everyday life; Its routines and repetition, to study the conflicts I face: shame, loneliness, anxiety, yearning. Moving images, text and textile and installation are the mediums for my work.

Fine motor skills of the hand have to be trained throughout one’s life, each and every day. I draw shapes and patterns using pens, oil pastels, needle and thread. My hand rigorously follows the learned choreography. Only rarely are the images as I wanted. Only rarely does the dance follow the steps. The same is also true for other choreographies of everyday life. They are so distinct and yet so unpredictable.


Emppu Veinola (b. 1998, Porvoo, lives and works in Helsinki)

I’m interested in archives and preservation. I seek patterns and similarities. Photographing observations, writing lists, making videos and building installations, usually the act of doing plays an important role in my works. Mind mapping my way from the brim towards the center. Sometimes the thing I’m trying to point out can’t be fit into one idea. I end up repeating and reproducing, making serial works. To me the process is as important as the work itself.