Can you hear the ocean



The curatorial duo Inaway, formed by the artists Nayab Ikram and Ramina Habibollah, will have their first duo-exhibition at the Maa-tila project space. In which they are shifting the focus from curating into creating, finding ways to continue the collaboration outside of their curatorial practice.

In the exhibition Can you hear the ocean Nayab will exhibit an interactive installation welcoming the audience to participate in a ritual by lighting sparklers to make a wish about the future, as a way of finding collective strength. The installation will be accompanied by a second work protecting the wishes made by the audience. Ramina will exhibit an installation consisting of photos, text and sound that reflect on her relationship with coral reefs.

Inaway is a curatorial duo formed by the artists Nayab Ikram and Ramina Habibollah. In their curatorial practice they facilitate and work in allyship with BIPOC artists, through an intersectional feminist perspective. Their work aims to challenge the norms of cultural politics in Finland to be more inclusive of BIPOC representation.