Camille Auer and Nadiye Koçak


Hyperbody is a joint exhibition by Camille Auer and Nadiye Koçak. Auer will show a video, in which Koçak's hands perform. Koçak will show a series of sculptures depicting hands.

The word hyperbody is an attempt to conceptualise the extension of a body over time and subjectivities. A body is not a solid singular thing, but a swarming, interconnected multitude. Bodies are ultimately sovereign, but they also exist across the perceptions, memories, thoughts and expectations of other individuals, societies and technologies. They exist on a plane of time in which a body is considered the same body, even when every cell in it has changed, even when it has been renamed. The hyperbody can be in tension or it can be at ease, and this is political.

These are artworks depicting hands. Hands are body parts that are usually visible to the person they belong to. They are often used for touching. This exhibition might touch your hyperbody if you want it to. 

Hyperbody as a concept owes to the concepts hypersea that originates in the writing of Mark and Dianna McMenamin, second body from Daisy Hildyard and hypertext in the way Donna Haraway uses the term.