Hold me while I hum

Association of Free Association (AOFA)


To some of you we might be strangers wanting to become non-strangers or friends.
‘Hold me while I hum’ is a collective fantasy of a space that is or isn’t, that has been or will be. We went there and brought some things back here.
Many things are needed to make a cake. so many.
We made a house of blankets because we missed a place to just be. We imagined a house where transforming could be welcome, not perfect but digesting dripping, we wished to give you a cake from a messy place.

There was something about a home, we practiced how could many wishes be present at the same time.
There was something about living in a time of dying.
So there was something we tried to comfort
There was something we tried to change
There was something in a meme

This spring is going to be nice
And I wanted to take us
somewhere nice
There I will sing you a song

About the collective:

Association of Free Association (AOFA) is a mesh. a somewhere to be, a place to return, to leave from, without pressure of profit or success. what binds us together is friendship, kinship and a persistent will to care for -ships. We wish to mix blend rub with environments within our reach. through these encounters and contamination we try to learn and unlearn. by loops of meetings through loops of touch. Being with these entanglements is part of this mycelium city and how we grow – separately and inevitably together.