Fan Fiction

Ameli Nygren


“Sometimes I freeze completely when I’m asked about my role models. And as I begin to list my role models, none of the names end up on the magazine/papers. Other times the interviewer has announced some role models for me of which I’ve never even heard of.”

Idols, celebrities and the characters from TV series are living among us but inside another reality, and a real connection cannot be attained- or could it?

Throughout my whole career I’ve been looking for shortcuts for such areas. At times it has totally backfired, at times it has accomplished something entirely different than what I had planned ahead – but the most important thing is to start a process.

In Tilaus (eng: The Order, 1993) Raina Intola, a journalist, dreams of meeting Don Johnson, but in the end it is Cliff from Dallas that comes to their country. Raina’s boss doesn’t dwell on the setback; they have purely business in mind.

Years later (2016) Jonne 59, a rockstar, wants to increase demand by vanishing from the spotlights for a while. The staff receive rather strict rules, but will they obey them a bit too literally?

In Nuottarannan vampyyri (eng: Nuottaranta Vampire, 2021), an art connoisseur vampire and an artist at the residency form a symbiotic connection.

Anneli Nygren is a video artist, whose past additionally contains drawings, photographs, songs, theatre and journalism.