Draw and Sow

Egle Oddo
and Emma Fält


Draw and Sow is a display by Egle Oddo and Emma Fält opening with a performance Tuesday 2nd of April at 18:00. The artists present both finished pieces as well as work in progress, with the aim to give a voice to the engine moving and spinning behind and before the outcomes of their practices.

Works of art as finished products and exhibitions as collections of them are only one of the possible ways of transmitting knowledge and culture. There is an opportunity in transcending such a predefined modality of use and enjoyment, by entering into an ongoing relationship with the makers of art, their thinking, and their complex cognitive processing system.

The idea of Draw and Sow is precisely that to offer people opportunities for growing their own experimental thoughts within the apertures exposed in the fragmentary yet fertile unfinished.

In this relational modality the public itself will with its presence de facto shape and alter the experience of the other spectators and of the makers.

Egle Oddo, b. 1975 in Italy. Her work focuses on linear and non-linear narration as an art form. Since 2007 she consistently works performing with seeds. Using what she names as 'an un-gardening modality', Egle fades the demarcation line between sites for cultivars, urban landscape and wilderness, creating in the long term unpredictable assemblages of species and new aesthetic formations. When offered, exchanged, and planted, the seeds become a symbol of reciprocity in the inter-cultural and inter-species relationships, becoming also part of a nomadic population that does not exist in a continuous, always-alike, centralized form like a seed bank, but it is widespread, living and acting in the hands of various communities. Her work is carried out following a careful observation of the emerging way in which people touch, treat and share the seeds in different cultures. Egle's creations are present at international biennials, Museums and relevant institutions, as well as cutting edge and independent alternative spaces and events. Egle's research is supported by Arts Promotion Centre, by Kone Foundation and STEBICEF Department of Vegetal Biology, Anthropology and Zoology of Palermo University.


Emma Vilina Fält, b.1983 in Finland, BA Design, MA Fine Art, is a Finnish artist working in the field of drawing, performance, installation and live art. Her main interests are in workshops as live acts, contact, listening and togetherness of drawing. Her work takes a comprehensive look at the act of drawing as a means to make contact and collaboratively explore our experience of the world. The body of her work combines drawing, sound and movement and is often inspired by language, sites and collisions of living and inanimate worlds. Fält has shown her work in Finland and abroad in festivals, symposiums, Museums. She works with artists, researchers and communities around the world to open new drawing dialogues. Emma Teaches drawing at Art School Maa in Helsinki, and works as a visiting teacher in different schools and institutions around the world. Fält is one of the co-directors in Thinking through Drawing - an Interdisciplinary education and research - network.