”dance all the drums in your body” 2

Isse Karsten


Isse Karsten is a self-taught visual artist. His collages, installations and sculptures repeat bright colours and narrative drawings side by side with the materiality of wood. In addition to personal stories, his works refer also to characters and thoughts about utopias about an equal and fair world. The artworks navigate in between visual antropology and graffiti-tribes. Some of his works are in private-, as well as, in Kiasma’s collections. Karsten has been working as Art School MAA’s director since 2005.

Experimental composer Shinji Kanki will perform at the opening with the sound performance Pine Island. He won the state art prize in 2015. Kanki organises Sound Art workshops at Arts School MAA.

The exhibition is part of the ongoing exhibition series presenting teachers of Art School MAA 2018-2019.