Saara Hannus


In the year of Suomi 100, schoolkids made presentations about Finland. The topic of one first grader was “Furry bunnies of Finland”. Then in 2021 one Saara Hannus has to have an exhibition. Their subject is chinchilla. Or actually cuteness and caressing. But chinchillas are pretty cute.

Chinchilla listens to a song ‘Mussukka’ by the band Pimeä Hedelmä. Chinchilla thinks: I wish I could escape to work. I wish I could work when I need petting. I miss caressing. Chinchilla reads Kanjoni by Niko Hallikainen and cries. Chinchilla’s heart stops for days. Chinchilla thinks: I wish I could write about longing. I wish I could write when I long for intimacy.