KIELLETYT LEIKIT – something like this could happen

Heiskanen, Lehtola, Okkonen


At least friction, acceptance, threat, satisfaction and secrecy. Shame. Thrill. Is there something forbidden here? Can it be unclear? This could be something like this.

The exhibition is a gathering of three artists, whose works rhythm under the heading of forbidden games. Negotiating and agreeing to play has led to something.

Inkeri Heiskanen is a Helsinki-based visual artist who works mainly with painting, drawing and text. She is currently interested in swimming halls, the color beige and stories without a climax. Heiskanen is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki.

Saija Lehtola is a moving image artist who has a background in contemporary dance. Side characters, restricted views, in-between spaces and intuitivity tickle her at the moment. Lehtola studies aesthetics in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki.

Helena Okkonen is a queer feminist and a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. Their sculpture and installation-based practise dismantles and rebuilds recycled materials and objects. Okkonen is interested in transparency, not belonging and things nesting.

The artists are current and former students of Art School MAA.