In the snow; a queen dressed in gold

Shinji Kanki


For the memory of my childhood home.
The old house, where I was born and grown up till I was 18,
was torn down recently.

Short profile: I was born 1953 in Japan and have been based in Finland since 1984. I work in the field of experimental music composition and received the Finland State prize 2015.

1972 - 1983 I studied music composition and computer music in Hiroshima University, Tokyo Music University and Royal Academy of Music Stockholm. During my study period I won the New York international tape music competition 1979 and wrote MS-DOS Handbook, the first Japanese book on PC operating system 1983.

I am also an experienced teacher introducing new musical thinking to students. I have been teaching at Sibelius Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Lapland University, and at various art academies and universities in EU countries, in the US and in Japan. I teach currently at The Art School MAA and at Aalto University where I have been an honorary Fellow since 2016.

All the information on the works, the teaching, the contact and the newest activities are found at the official website:

Some of the clips and excerpts of the works are found at YouTube channel: Silakka Productions

The exhibition is part of the ongoing series presenting teachers of Art School MAA 2018–2019.

Supported by Art School MAA & Cafe Aalto