Finnish History in the Making

Moe Mustafa 


When we speak about Finnish art or culture, what does Finnish mean; does it mean that the work only contains content from Finnish culture? Or Finnish language, or are we talking about the artist’s background, or where the work is done?

To answer what Finnish art is, it’s drawn from my personal experience. Like many other artists, I constantly draw attention to where I’m based or highlight my origin by saying I’m a Palestinian- Finnish artist. or Palestinian artist based in Finland.

From my point of view, any artwork that happens in Finland is considered Finnish art because it is born and originates in Finland. Regarding the medium, the race/ or the color of the artist.

Despite the lack of coverage on Artists from non- Finnish backgrounds, I see a slow shift in the art circle, where the art field has become more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant. In relation to the velocity of this discourse, this shift is coming in a solid and powerful wave that will create a new overview of what art from Finland looks like and is adding more value to the art scene by accepting and including others to shape their artistic practice. Think of it as learning languages; the more you know different languages, the more doors open for you, the more international you’ve become. Thus, those who are defined to one language remain limited to their surroundings.

As art and culture always aim to create an advanced society, give voices to people, and establish equality within the habitant. Finnish History in the making; what does not seem so Finnish; content, artist background,…etc. At the current time. Will define Finnish art in the future.

The project occurred during the pandemic where art and culture went into a deep sleep and it became an oblivious experience visiting a theatre or a museum.

These artists’ portraits in their environment are a reflection of the Art and culture downturn.

About Moe:

My work as an artist covers a broad spectrum of mediums; painting, sound art, video art, and theatre. As a theatre maker, the subject matter is social issues, loneliness, relationship, and communication. While I dive deep into heavy and severe topics in theatre directing, I tend to create more colorful, energetic, and positive paintings that are reviving constructivism and are inspired by the Bauhaus movement.

My personal experiences and honesty between me and the artwork itself are the key to my artistic practice. It is essential to knowledge and be open with my feelings through the creative process.