Buttercup Button Candy Croup

Sara Blosseville and Iisa Lepistö

29.5. – 16.6.2024 

Opening of the exhibition: Wednesday 29 May, 18–20

“You know for certain you will grow up to be a ranch owner. You see clearly how you would smoke blue labelled cigarettes and have no kids nor a partner. You draw the dream on a piece of paper on the kitchen table in order to explain it to your sister. She would like to be a smoker as well and you tell her she could pick up red labels, as the blue was already taken. Later you learn how easily you would get addicted, into anything, in a blink of an eye.” *

Iisa Lepistö (b. 1994, Sipoo) and Sara Blosseville (b. 1994, Dieppe) were invited by Maa-Tila project space to work on a duo exhibition. For the first time in work, the two visual artists come together in a whirling twirl of barn dust, horse sweat and pink hair clips, treating the project space as a diary from teenage feels of stable adventures and virtual realities lived between video game landscapes and dreaming in bed.

The works wear past equine friend’s names, that were carved on the wooden doors of their boxes, and that make your inside little pink star burst with excitement. Most of the materials used here are second-hand: unused cemetery stones, late pony gear, found toys, textiles sitting in the closet.

Many thanks to Pertti and Helena Salonen for kindly gifting the gear of their late pony Timantti.

The exhibition poster design is made by Philippa Schmitt.

Both of the artists’ work is supported by the Kone Foundation.

*Extract from the exhibition text written by Iisa Lepistö